We strive to be the hands and feet of God, used on this Earth to bless others through Christ Jesus.



Rochelle Smith
Founder, The JIL Project

Meet Rochelle Smith, the passionate founder of The JIL Project, a Christian organization supporting women in need since 2009. Her heart beats for the vulnerable, offering love and support guided by faith. She has a mission to empower and uplift women in every way possible.  With a goal to bless as many women as possible through giving, prayer, and support, Rochelle faithfully follows where God leads her. Her goal is to make a difference. She invites all to join her on this inspiring journey!

"Life does not come without challenges and every endeavor we choose to undertake, will have obstacles to conquer. The key to conquering those obstacles will be obtained by our faith in God, motivation and helping others." ~Rochelle Smith